I learned today I lost a friend, one I’d never personally met: Viv in France. For some unknown reason, she liked my poetry blog. That part was mutual, I liked hers.

The first message I ever received from Viv came in the form of an apology. She had read one of my poems and found a misspelled word (not an unusual occurrence). She apologized for her arrogance in pointing out the misspelling, but felt it spoiled an otherwise good poem.

From that humble correspondence, we became poetry friends. She became my unofficial mentor and proof-reader. Rhyme, half-rhyme, meter, punctuation (or purposeful lack thereof), all the way through a myriad of poetry forms, she was there with me. There is no way for me to express how much I learned from her, how much she influenced my writing, or how much I’m going to miss reading the beauty and wisdom that dripped daily from her pen.

Several years ago, I went back to the beginning of her blog and read everything she ever posted. Early on, I signed up to receive everything new she posted on her blog. Checking her blog daily was like my morning coffee: always delightful, whether a poem, information on a new quilting project, or a full-blown rant.

When changes in my life took away my blogging time, I continued receiving occasional emails from her; just checking on me and encouraging me write more poetry when I found some time.

Today, I clicked onto the latest posting of her blog, only to find out it was from her family, notifying her readers that our precious friend had passed away.

Not sure how I’m going to handle that yet, but I know that Viv is okay. She’s at peace painlessly walking new paths and examining new species of flowers. It’s to her family and her many friends I address my prayers. Would that we could all have a life as joyous and meaningful as hers. Not only was she blessed, she blessed everyone with whom she came in contact.

Mike Patrick

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3 Responses to VIV IN FRANCE

  1. pmwanken says:

    Oh, Mike….I echo your words here. Both in how we viewed her “as a mentor”, as well as in how much she will be missed. It’s hard to believe how much my heart aches for the loss of someone I’d never met in person. There is a very small handful of people/poets who were there in my very early stages of writing. You and she are in that handful. I am better…as a poet, and as a person…because of her. And you. ❤ Paula

  2. becca givens says:

    Mike, this is sad news to discover. Viv was a gifted and special person. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Chas Spain says:

    Hi Mike – nice to read your words.

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