The Cop Out

The Cop Out is hopefully going to display a bit of prose to supplement my poetry. Most of what appears here will be excerpts from my 37 years of police work. In my various incarnations, I was a rookie, a patrol officer, a training officer, a detective, a detective sergeant and a juvenile officer. I was a member of the Greater St. Louis Major Case Squad for 10 years. Through the years, I learned a little, saw a lot and had more fun than the law allows.

My favorite interest/skill was interview and interrogation. I’ve been to every school, class, and training session I could enroll in, and then did personal research on anything related to interview, interrogation, kinesics, Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN), the Reid Technique and witness/victim/suspect statement analysis. I’ve read every body/face language book I’ve ever been able to locate, going back to Ray Birdwhistle’s 1952 book, Introduction to Kinesics. While I never came close to becoming a Dr. Cal Lightman of the Lie To Me TV series (I’m not sure anyone like that exists), I can tell you it is based on good science.

I offer a word of warning, some of what will appear here will be . . . disturbing. If it is really bad, not recommended for the squeamish, a warning will be placed at the beginning of the post.


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