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Nocturne #3
written to the music of Faure – Pavane
by Mike Patrick

Flickr image by Cosmic Ocean

Somehow, he is more than a snowman.
His tiny stick arms
seem to move,
directing an unseen orchestra.

The falling snow,
filtering from the midnight clouds,
gently swirls to his direction,
bobbing and spinning
amidst the fireplace smoke
in a slow dance.

Once on the ground,
the flakes writhe and contort,
leaping and falling in unison
in a sensuous,
slow-motion ballet.

The moon, peeking through the clouds,
lights his walnut eyes
and reveals the meadow;
painting shadows and highlights
amongst the glittered white.

An invisible mouth
smiles around a corncob pipe
in satisfaction
as the wind dies.
The dancing snow
collapses in exhausted joy
before him.

The maestro’s wooden arms
conduct the final notes
as clouds skitter across the moon
and all falls still.

Only the night applauds.


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1 Response to THE DANCE

  1. vivinfrance says:

    Your break for nano has brought a quantum leap to your poetry. This poem is delightful – I particularly like the restrained description ” shadows and highlights
    amongst the glittered white.” The Fauré Pavane is a favourite of mine, its rhythm and key are unusual and haunting, and I think your night poems will haunt me (in a good way!) for a long time.

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