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The music for each of the nocturnes can be found at http://www.tropicalglen.com/Jukebox/Genre/Classical/ChannelClassical.html Nocturne #3 THE DANCE written to the music of Faure – Pavane by Mike Patrick Somehow, he is more than a snowman. His tiny stick arms seem to … Continue reading

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Poets United http://poetryblogroll.blogspot.com/2011/11/thursday-think-tank-74-winter.html, for Thursday Think Tank #74, asks for a winter poem. UNBLEMISHED by Mike Patrick Pure white snow reflecting a noonday sun. All flaws are covered, blemishes hidden. Here, away from the crowds, no laughing children mar its … Continue reading

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I’m finally coming to grips with enjambment through using it until if feels right—well, it will never feel right, but it has become acceptable; perhaps something like when my daughter started dating. Anyway, I thought I’d give it one more … Continue reading

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Big Tent Poetry http://bigtentpoetry.org/ gave me another easy prompt to fill in the day as I watched my shed rise. Maybe things will get back to normal. The prompt was to write a poem that uses a pearl of wisdom … Continue reading

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I learned a new word today. That is not unusual, I daily check the word-of-the-day from two online dictionaries, but today’s word in the Oxford Dictionaries seemed rather special. Aubade (au•bade) Pronunciation:/ōˈbäd, oʊˈbɑd/ noun • A poem or piece of … Continue reading

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