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Theme Thursday’s, http://www.theme-thursday.com/2011/10/theme-thursday-for-november-3-2011.html, image prompt is below. TRADEMARK BLUE by Mike Patrick I found the paper taped to my door. The late-night rain had done its job. The blue ink was faded— blurred beyond legibility, but I knew. Blue ink … Continue reading


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Theme Thursday’s prompt #57 is Fish, http://themethursday.blogspot.com/2011/10/thursday-october-13-2011-fish.html. Now, I’m a fisherman. I love to fish, so this would seem to be a natural for me, but with my propensity to experiment lately, I’m going to again post a rough draft. … Continue reading

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Theme Thursday, http://themethursday.blogspot.com/, gave a simple prompt: Tree It brought back memories of an old oak tree in a corner of the family farm. For some reason, trees gain beauty in their old age. The more bent and misshapen they … Continue reading

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Theme Thursday’s http://themethursday.blogspot.com/ prompt was, “Letter.” Try as I might, I couldn’t come up with a poem. My freewrite took off in a most peculiar direction. Dear Dad, Say, there’s something funny is going on here. Boot camp isn’t nearly … Continue reading

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The prompt for Theme Thursday is, “Easy.” It took longer than usual for my muse to speak. Perhaps it wasn’t her. It doesn’t feel like her, lately she’s wanted rhyme and meter, but not tonight. IT’S EASY by Mike Patrick … Continue reading

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I’ve never posted on Theme Thursday http://themethursday.blogspot.com/  before, but I wasn’t happy with most of the other Thursday prompts. When I saw the Theme Thursday prompt in Viv’s blog, I had to try it. The prompt is ‘Spam.’ IN PRAISE … Continue reading

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