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The music for each of the nocturnes can be found at Nocturne #3 THE DANCE written to the music of Faure – Pavane by Mike Patrick Somehow, he is more than a snowman. His tiny stick arms seem to … Continue reading


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Nocturne #2 EVENING’S SILENCE Written to Chopin – Nocturne in B flat minor Op.9 No.1 by Mike Patrick In evening’s silence we tiptoe from the house and leave mankind’s lights behind. In the upper field, we sit on a wooden … Continue reading

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Poetry and music are interchangeable to me. I feel both on an emotional level. Which emotion, and the depth of that emotion, is controlled by the notes/words and their tempo. A short time ago, Margo Roby asked us to write … Continue reading

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Poets United, for Thursday Think Tank #74, asks for a winter poem. UNBLEMISHED by Mike Patrick Pure white snow reflecting a noonday sun. All flaws are covered, blemishes hidden. Here, away from the crowds, no laughing children mar its … Continue reading

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This was written for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads’ Friday Picture Prompt (see below) WHATEVER POSSESSED by Mike Patrick The Earth was here for eons before plants seized some ground. Plants held sway for eons more— then man came … Continue reading

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Carry on Tuesday,, prompt 128 is: sitting alone listening to the silence. Again, I let a freewrite lead the way—this time to doggerel. SITTING ALONE by Mike Patrick Sitting alone in nature’s house listening to the silence of beauty; … Continue reading

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Theme Thursday’s prompt #57 is Fish, Now, I’m a fisherman. I love to fish, so this would seem to be a natural for me, but with my propensity to experiment lately, I’m going to again post a rough draft. … Continue reading

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The Sunday Whirl,, Wordle #25, with the words rambunctious, admire, swallows, pond, ballroom, obsolete, hat-rack, fallow,  crumb, bell, automobile, and garden, presented me with a wonderful challenge. As I try to delve deeper into meaning and emotion, I’m hoping … Continue reading

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Janet, at Another Porch,, went walkabout with her camera. She placed a collage of photos from her walk on her post. Clicking on the collage will enlarge it somewhat, enough to see the birth of this poem. GRAVEYARD by … Continue reading

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I can’t help it, none of the prompts attract me. After finishing Poemcrazy, I have to play with at least a few of the lesser ideas from Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge’s book. She asked that I look at something—no, really LOOK … Continue reading

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