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The words for The Sunday Whirl’s Wordle #32 are: rush, mellow, gullible, rustle, smug, shudder, fulcrum, sunshine, ruddy, untidy, subliminal, and spinning. They proved to be very difficult for me with the words ‘fulcrum, subliminal’ and ‘ruddy’ driving me … Continue reading

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It was a cruel joke when I read wordle 28 in The Sunday Whirl,, and found the weekly dozen taken from my own last week’s poem. I can tell you, it was not love at first sight when I … Continue reading

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The Sunday Whirl,, Wordle #25, with the words rambunctious, admire, swallows, pond, ballroom, obsolete, hat-rack, fallow,  crumb, bell, automobile, and garden, presented me with a wonderful challenge. As I try to delve deeper into meaning and emotion, I’m hoping … Continue reading

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Magic in the Back Yard,, gives a photo prompt for some photograph prose. While I don’t normally write prose, the photo (below) caught my eye. Why not? LOOKING UP By Mike Patrick She looked up with a wistful smile … Continue reading

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The Thursday Think Tank, prompt #66, at Poets United,, was “Glass House.” PRISM DANCER by Mike Patrick He sought a prism dancer, reflecting through the light, showing off her sexy moves as she walked about at night, revealed within … Continue reading

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A combination of things came together today in order to create this poem. I’m reading a book, The Poetry Home Repair Manual, by Ted Kooser, and just finished a chapter where he asked a question on how important a role … Continue reading

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Did you every lose yourself in a prompt, or have one haunt you? The Friday picture prompt from Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, was one of those for me. I glanced at it on Friday after perusing a nautical … Continue reading

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Poetry Potluck,, prompt for week 44 was “Painting Whispers,” and a Gustav Klimt painting of Death and Life. Usually, I enjoy using visual prompts, but Klimt isn’t one of my favorite artists, and the painting left me dry; however, … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s poetic prompt for Poetic Asides,, was to write an “Empty” poem. I hadn’t done any free verse for a while, so I let “empty’ lead the way. ECHOES by Mike Patrick Echoes rattle in this old room. It … Continue reading

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The prompt for Carry On Tuesday,, was to use as much or as little of Shakespeare’s line from Hamlet: Neither a borrower nor a lender be. My muse woke up for this one. It ended up being written in … Continue reading

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