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Theme Thursday’s,, image prompt is below. TRADEMARK BLUE by Mike Patrick I found the paper taped to my door. The late-night rain had done its job. The blue ink was faded— blurred beyond legibility, but I knew. Blue ink … Continue reading


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The Sunday Whirl’s wordle #27,, contained the words: rusted-out, nods, beginning, glaze, stretched, ragged, straighten, rolling, bridges, clouds, blade, and drag. Because it’s so close to Halloween, I let my imagination run wild. SINGING ON MURKLE by Mike Patrick … Continue reading

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Wordle 24, for The Sunday Whirl,, is a creation of the fertile mind of Leo, He gave us the twelve-word prompt of: adventure, fearful, signs, face, cobbled, myriad, lost, alone, concrete, remember, church, and circle. This turned to … Continue reading

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Jinksy in her In Tandem blog,, gives a couple of her paintings as prompts. Simply looking at the one below, paired with the her blog name, stirred something up. SOMEWHERE BETWEEN by Mike Patrick Somewhere between the sea and … Continue reading

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Three Word Wednesday,, gave the prompts of “drench, immune, and radiate.” I fear they brought out my age. This was mostly a freewrite, but I had to edit it to achieve iambic pentameter. I probably spent more time on … Continue reading

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For me, the words in The Sunday Whirl’s,, wordle 15 came alive. While reading them, I had a remarkably detailed visual image. Oh, how I wish I had the delicate writing talents of Harry Nicholson or Earlybird so I … Continue reading

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Prompt #277 for Sunday Scribbling,, was “Distant.” I had to write on it, it felt as natural as a conversation with my wife. The challenge was to find a photo to match my vision of distant as used in … Continue reading

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We Write Poems,, challenge for this week is to expand last weeks challenge to write about your immediate area. Now they want us to step outside. It turns out that I lead a boring life on a boring street, … Continue reading

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The ‘We Write Poems’ Thursday prompt was to write on something unexpected or surprising. As my regular readers know, some of . . . okay, almost all of my writing comes as a surprise. Rarely, as I type my … Continue reading

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When Three Word Wednesday served up erratic, luminous and omen as the prompts, I decided to work them like a wordle. For some reason ‘omen’ came to the fore, and being the negative guy I am, I saw a … Continue reading

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