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We get a baker’s dozen words from The Sunday Whirl,, Wordle # 26. The words are: forgive, shoulder, topples, shallows, bolt, broken, gathered, dancing, drop, burst, causes, feet and hoops. Yeah, tough ones—I know; it really took some work … Continue reading


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Theme Thursday’s prompt #57 is Fish, Now, I’m a fisherman. I love to fish, so this would seem to be a natural for me, but with my propensity to experiment lately, I’m going to again post a rough draft. … Continue reading

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As a cop, I was expected to be observant, to see things that didn’t fit. I did, and I was pretty good at it. Now, I no longer think of myself as a cop. I’m a poet. Poets are expected … Continue reading

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Child’s Laugh, Waka/Tanka #1

This month’s poetry form from The Purple Treehouse, is the Japanese Waka (or Tanka). In it’s English form, it is written in five lines with syllable counts of 5-7-5-7-7. It is the perfect follow-up for last month’s Haiku. As … Continue reading

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Prompt #67, for this weeks We Write Poems, was to write a “Moving” poem. My character here is fictional, but he embodies the spirit of so many I have met. POWER by Mike Patrick This mover and shaker was … Continue reading

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In The Sunday Whirl, Brenda selected some ‘dark’ words for Wordle #16, The words she selected were: tender, swept, torments, rusty, prophets, notes, crawling, walk, cement, sun, scars, morning. As contrary as I am, my first thought was to … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s poetic prompt for Poetic Asides,, was to write an “Empty” poem. I hadn’t done any free verse for a while, so I let “empty’ lead the way. ECHOES by Mike Patrick Echoes rattle in this old room. It … Continue reading

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When I saw Prompt #51, for We Write Poems,, was to write a poem from the point of view, and with the voice of someone else, I knew I had it made. I had just spent the day with … Continue reading

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We Write Poems,, challenge for this week is to expand last weeks challenge to write about your immediate area. Now they want us to step outside. It turns out that I lead a boring life on a boring street, … Continue reading

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For the Poet’s Pantry, on Poets United, I wanted to post something appropriate for Father’s Day, showing the love and respect I feel for my father, and that I was a father too. Today is going to be too … Continue reading

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