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A line with 5 feet


Poetry Tow Truck, Prompt #38, asks for a poem with a cross between popular culture and an “old fashioned” form. It’s pretty easy to poke fun a pop culture, so let’s just do it. I believe this qualifies as a … Continue reading

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A new friend recently reminded me of the beauty of a bygone time’s romance language. When I saw wordle #19 in The Sunday Whirl,, the words looked like they had been selected for poetry from that period. How could … Continue reading

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Three Word Wednesday,, gave the prompts of “drench, immune, and radiate.” I fear they brought out my age. This was mostly a freewrite, but I had to edit it to achieve iambic pentameter. I probably spent more time on … Continue reading

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In The Sunday Whirl, Brenda selected some ‘dark’ words for Wordle #16, The words she selected were: tender, swept, torments, rusty, prophets, notes, crawling, walk, cement, sun, scars, morning. As contrary as I am, my first thought was to … Continue reading

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The Sunday Whirl,, churned up a baker’s dozen wordle this week. They are: emerald, illusion, ominous, divine, pantomime, flap, observe, balcony, celestial, jostles, void, bones, rhythm. I barely started reading them before my muse locked onto emerald and gave … Continue reading

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I’m finally coming to grips with enjambment through using it until if feels right—well, it will never feel right, but it has become acceptable; perhaps something like when my daughter started dating. Anyway, I thought I’d give it one more … Continue reading

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A couple of things came together for today’s poem. First, I enjoyed a discussion on poetic enjambment in Margo Roby’s Thursday’s Thoughts, Then We Write Poems,, ask for a revisionist poem updating one of our old ones. I … Continue reading

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We Write Poems,, challenge for this week is to expand last weeks challenge to write about your immediate area. Now they want us to step outside. It turns out that I lead a boring life on a boring street, … Continue reading

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Enough free verse for a while. Poets United,, challenged the writers to write something from the point of view of an inanimate object. For some reason, my mind jumped to a hotel on my old beat when I was … Continue reading

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Only by reading the poems of friends did I find Carry On Tuesday They had a fun prompt for this week, the title of an Abba song: Slipping Through My Fingers. To supplement this fabulous prompt, when I opened … Continue reading

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