Nocturne #2

Written to Chopin – Nocturne in B flat minor Op.9 No.1
by Mike Patrick

Flickr image by davedehetre

In evening’s silence
we tiptoe from the house
and leave mankind’s lights behind.

In the upper field,
we sit on a wooden fence.
Side by side,
with your arm around me
and your head on my shoulder,
we search the constellations
until you find the perfect wishing star.

You always pick a tiny star
no one else would ever notice,
one you think has been neglected
and looks lonely.
Your wish is always the same:
to always be with me.

I wish upon the brightest star,
the strongest, the healthiest
star I can find
and wish for nothing more
than an eternity of nights
like this;
here with you,
counting stars.

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7 Responses to EVENING’S SILENCE

  1. vivinfrance says:

    Could you put in the opus numbers, so that I can listen too?

    • Mike Patrick says:


      I will add the information I have. I’m not listening to them from YouTube. I found a site, http://www.tropicalglen.com/, that I listen to. If you open the site, under the list of years is listed “additional music channels.” Among those listed is “classical” (they also have Christmas Music if you are so inclined). There isn’t a huge selection under classical, but clicking on it opens a jukebox that plays random selections from the list, or you can scroll down the list and play whatever you want.

      I have this playing all day (using earphones—Sandy isn’t classic music’s biggest fan). I love it all, but once in a while something like the nocturnes come on and stops me in my tracks. I close my eyes and let the music take me where it will. When the piece is over, I type like crazy to capture the scene I visited. I’ve listened to the pieces over and over to see if I could figure out what directed me to the themes of the poems. So far, I haven’t a clue.

      I’m going to be writing to any of those pieces that ‘stop me in my tracks,’ and continue to use the loose designation of nocturne on my poems. They are all the pieces I consider ‘dreamy.’

  2. vivinfrance says:

    I’ve come back to say: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBqhH_96Evs is this the one? I think it would add to the pleasure of reading your Nocturne poems if you were to add the u-tube clip. Cheeky moo, do I hear you say?

  3. earlybird says:

    Dead romantic, Mike!

  4. Renee Espriu says:

    Beautifully written, Patrick. I especially like “an eternity of nights…here with you counting stars.’

  5. Renee Espriu says:

    Sorry, I meant Mike and not to use your last name of Patrick. I think it’s past my bedtime.

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