Again, the Sunday Whirl,, came up with a wonderful set of words for Wordle #31. The words are: diamond, mindless, spark, fires, ice, smolder, oblivious, sky, silence, planet, trapped and drowned.

It was pleasant to write on a lighter subject and a different passion. For a model, I had Sandy’s stories of her son in his youth.

by Mike Patrick

To cheers he walked across the diamond,
mindless of the adoring crowd,
oblivious to the darkening sky,
trapped in a planet of silence.

For the next two hours he stayed submerged,
drowned in concentration.

Only beneath the ice in his eyes
could a single spark be found:
a reflection of the competitive fires
smoldering just below
as he pitched his first no-hitter.

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17 Responses to REFLECTIVE FIRE

  1. vivinfrance says:

    A blank without a poem from Mike and then he comes up with a cracker like this one. I know almost nothing about baseball, but I think you’ve captured the atmosphere.

  2. vivinfrance says:

    that should be “a blank week” ! How’s the novel coming on?

  3. pmwanken says:

    You were first at bat with wordle posting this week — and a fun, reflective poem to boot! And I’m always impressed with your ability to find such perfect pictures to accompany your pieces.

  4. Laurie Kolp says:

    Aww… I can relate as I have two boys. You have captured the feelings and intensity of a magical boyhood time. Beautiful.

    Here’s mine:

  5. Mary says:

    This is stunning, Mike. What a great story you told with the ‘wordle words.’

  6. A no hitter…does that mean he missed the ball? And after all that deep concentration too! Nicely wordled Mike 🙂

  7. nan says:

    Oh this is special. I love baseball and have son who is a pitcher. Nicely done. I like where these words took you – and the pitcher!

  8. Tilly Bud says:

    A baseball poem – that’s a first for me. A cracker!

  9. brenda w says:

    You’ve captured a shining moment in history! Awesome piece, I love the pitcher’s glory.

  10. Susannah says:

    That is wonderful! And the wordle words were invisible in this accomplished piece. Well done. 🙂

  11. Nice, Mike. I love baseball and you have captured the essence of the game, perfectly.


  12. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. See here for more details!

  13. irene says:

    As American as baseball! You’ve put the wordle to great use, Mike. Great pitching.

  14. geri=MomIt says:

    I read the poem and then went back and read the words you were given. Amazing! I love how your mind works!

  15. Mike says:

    Great poem Mike.
    I know nothing about baseball but could feel the tension and excitement as he walked in to bat (Sorry that sounds a bit English & cricket – but you know what I mean!)

  16. Victoria says:

    I love this poem of baseball glory – focused and proud. I’m so glad to have found your work.

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