Margo is being cantankerous again. For her Tuesday Tryouts,, she wants a four-quatrain poem of any type one wants to write, rhyming or un-rhyming, with no adjectives, adverbs or similes, but it has to contain the word “lime” at least once.

Flickr image by libraryman

by Mike Patrick

Her lips tasted of lime;
lime and salt and tequila,
I remember it
caressing the tongue,

making me want more.
Her neck smelled of gardenias.
They took my breath,
She took my heart.

She was a feast to the senses,
trembling under a touch,
wrapping herself in me,
holding me.

It was in the past
but I will remember.
I cannot forget
her lips, tasting of lime.

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10 Responses to SHE TASTED OF LIME

  1. vivinfrance says:

    You’ve absolutely cracked the task, Mike. Your writing is vivid and clean, like lime. Oops! one simile, one adjective!

  2. ladynimue says:

    you did well with the prompt ! I have been trying but guess it will take a bit more than lime to provoke my muse !

  3. gerimomg says:

    I always seem to start my comments with “Wow”….So I deleted it this time..
    But this was so vivid that I didn’t notice there were no adjectives until I read your comment and went back up to read your instructions for the poem… A hundred adjectives and similes couldn’t make this poem more descriptive…

  4. earlybird says:

    Brilliant, Mike. I agree with Viv.

    I could taste lime as I read it.

  5. margo roby says:

    Yeees…the tequila period: shudder.

    So, I am curious. Can you see what not using qualifiers does? The effect? That maybe we all need to rely more on nouns and verbs and let them speak. I felt as if you the writer and me the reader went immediately to the poem’s centre without having to brush aside bushes and brambles.

  6. tmhHoover says:

    How could I have never known the lime could be so sensual!? This was a great exercise -and you did a spectacular job. But I want my adjectives, adverbs and similes back!

  7. Poets Rally says:

    brilliant piece.

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