Crossing a tiny creek lined with willow trees can no longer be an empty moment. That moment jumps to a years-old memory of another waterway, and links indelibly with it. The poet awakens and builds a fictional scene, which must be written.

Image from San Antonio Riverwalk.com

by Mike Patrick

Most nights she’s here,
sitting beside the willow tree,
seeking answers in the swirling water
from her tiny patch of grass;
most nights,
this lady in blue.

One by one, the lights come on,
and the river transforms
from murky gray.
It changes to reflected glory
from all the hanging colored lights.
From her exact position
the reflections are a face;
an indistinct face,
her secret face.
She believes it’s the face of her future.

On the sidewalk just behind,
a thousand people pass.
They see the lady in blue,
and wonder.
Employees of the restaurants and pubs
let her be.
She’s good for business.
When tourists ask about her,
the fanciful tails they spin
of lost love and tragedy,
no matter that they’re lies,
fill their tip jars.

The flat-bottomed riverboats,
Filled with laughing tourists,
disturb the river’s reflections.
As each one passes,
the face of her future,
for a few moments,
becomes the reflection
of a small green house.
She smiles,
this lady in blue.

Sandy and I visited San Antonio on vacation six years ago. The highlight was a day spent on the Riverwalk. There was no lady in blue. I found the photo after writing the poem, the old memory was pretty good.

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7 Responses to RIVERWALK

  1. Pamanner says:

    Lovely lady. . .I could picture her in my mind.

  2. vivinfrance says:

    You have such a good eye for the unusual and interesting observation.

  3. jinksy says:

    I enjoyed the way your pastoral stream and willow walk conjured the bright reflections of a different river scene. 🙂

  4. margo roby says:

    Good pacing and well-chosen line breaks. The rhythm is so natural, as I read, I did not pause from beginning to end. I’ll look for her next summer 😉


  5. geri-Mom says:

    This one sparked my immagination. It was so vivid. I could see her sitting there and I wondered who she was., why she was there…

  6. Altonian says:

    A brlliantly expressed reminiscence. Yor descriptions take one right into the scene.

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