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At DVERSEPOETS Meeting at the Bar; Critique and Craft,, emmett asks us to write an unrhymed conflation poem with at least two verses about ourselves. Conflation means, “To bring together: meld or fuse; to combine into one whole. I … Continue reading

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It was a cruel joke when I read wordle 28 in The Sunday Whirl,, and found the weekly dozen taken from my own last week’s poem. I can tell you, it was not love at first sight when I … Continue reading

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This was written for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads’ Friday Picture Prompt (see below) WHATEVER POSSESSED by Mike Patrick The Earth was here for eons before plants seized some ground. Plants held sway for eons more— then man came … Continue reading

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Margo Roby, for her Tuesday Tryouts,, wanted us to remember an incident like a ride in a theme park and write a poem of sensory imagery. Well . . . I kind of did that, except it came out … Continue reading

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Carry on Tuesday,, prompt 128 is: sitting alone listening to the silence. Again, I let a freewrite lead the way—this time to doggerel. SITTING ALONE by Mike Patrick Sitting alone in nature’s house listening to the silence of beauty; … Continue reading

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Imaginary Gardens with real Toads,, asks us to write a cywydd llosgyrnog: a Welsh poem of any number of stanzas. Each stanza has a strict meter, containing two eight-syllable couplets and two seven-syllable interlacing rhymes on the third and … Continue reading

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The Sunday Whirl’s wordle #27,, contained the words: rusted-out, nods, beginning, glaze, stretched, ragged, straighten, rolling, bridges, clouds, blade, and drag. Because it’s so close to Halloween, I let my imagination run wild. SINGING ON MURKLE by Mike Patrick … Continue reading

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Carry on Tuesday,, prompt #127, is “The show must go on.” I did a ten minute freewrite on “the show must go on,” and then, for the first time, I selected all my lines for the poem from the … Continue reading

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We get a baker’s dozen words from The Sunday Whirl,, Wordle # 26. The words are: forgive, shoulder, topples, shallows, bolt, broken, gathered, dancing, drop, burst, causes, feet and hoops. Yeah, tough ones—I know; it really took some work … Continue reading

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Theme Thursday’s prompt #57 is Fish, Now, I’m a fisherman. I love to fish, so this would seem to be a natural for me, but with my propensity to experiment lately, I’m going to again post a rough draft. … Continue reading

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