Sunday Scribblings’,  prompt # 286 is, “Plan B.”

by Mike Patrick

Flickr image by orangemoonapparel

True love comes with no plan B,
no prenuptial agreement.
no partway giving of the heart.
Love is love.
Tentative love is an oxymoron,
it cannot exist.

There is no lesson plan
for marital happiness.
It’s trial and error,
but it includes no escape clause.

Proudly step out.
Embrace love for what it is:
beautiful, ugly, divine and imperfect.
Whether a cosmic happenstance
or a hard-earned struggle,
it is the mine-filled pathway to happiness
but it is…

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10 Responses to NO PLAN B

  1. Beautifully said and so true!

  2. Janet says:

    Another perfect example of why I keep returning!!! ‘Tentative love is an oxymoron,
    it cannot exist’-just love that!

  3. vivinfrance says:

    Wow! That last line…..

  4. Sadly for me I had to resort to Plan B, but I’m so pleased for you that you’ve not need one. A truly delightful piece. Hope you’ll visit us at Carry On Tuesday some day soon. Your work will be really appreciated.

  5. Great words! Too many are quick to jump to Plan B.

  6. A well expressed truth..”beautiful, ugly, divine and imperfect.” 🙂

  7. You gave us a GREAT mantra…

    Here is mine:


  8. Altonian says:

    Sadly it is the ugly and imperfect parts that sometimes forces the unwanted Plan.B into being.
    A beautifully expressed poem nevertheless.

  9. Heaven says:

    I love your beautiful poem.. simple and honest… I really enjoyed it !

  10. ShonEjai says:

    Very wise words! Well done!

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