The Thursday Think Tank, prompt #66, at Poets United,, was “Glass House.”

by Mike Patrick

Image from Poets United

He sought a prism dancer,
reflecting through the light,
showing off her sexy moves
as she walked about at night,

revealed within the trophy case
he built and locked her in;
a possession to be desired
by enemies and friends.

The case became too crowded
with his fancy clothes and cars.
Some looked in, while she looked out
and saw, through wealth his soul was scarred.

Through all the glass, he could not see
her pain concealed in crystal tears.
His lie came down in shattered dreams
as through the glass, she disappeared.

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5 Responses to PRISM DANCER

  1. Awww Sad.Shattered dreams. Lost love. You got me feeling it all. A good write from your quill Mike!

  2. An excellent write! Enjoyed the read 🙂

  3. Renee Espriu says:

    I really like this one, Mike, as you’ve been very creative with the image and your words. It reads like a poem and story both and you feel privy to all the emotions.

  4. OH MY GOODNESS MP…. This is one of your finest… I adore the crystal tears, the sense of the tension that leads to the shattering. Truly a memorable poem. Well done. Bravo…

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