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At Poets United, The Thursday Think Tank #68,, the prompt is “Red.” DIFFERENT by Mike Patrick There is a breed of men who are different. They don’t naturally fit in polite society. Their home is the battlefield. They don’t … Continue reading

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Imaginary Garden with Real Toads,, introduces us to the triolet, another of those fun French forms from the past. You should check out Real Toads and give the triolet a try. THE CALL OF DREAMS by Mike Patrick It’s … Continue reading

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Poetry Tow Truck, Prompt #38, asks for a poem with a cross between popular culture and an “old fashioned” form. It’s pretty easy to poke fun a pop culture, so let’s just do it. I believe this qualifies as a … Continue reading

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Another off-prompt day. So much in this fevered mind demands attention. FIELDS OF TIME by Mike Patrick In vain, through bordered fields of time, I search for youth that once was mine, but time is but a looking-glass, with nothing … Continue reading

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Sunday Scribblings’,  prompt # 286 is, “Plan B.” NO PLAN B by Mike Patrick True love comes with no plan B, no prenuptial agreement. no partway giving of the heart. Love is love. Tentative love is an oxymoron, it … Continue reading

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Wordle #23 from The Sunday Whirl,, gave me a problem. Not because they were so difficult, but because I wanted to do something different with them. I wrote and discarded three poems that refused to relinquish the flavor of … Continue reading

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As a cop, I was expected to be observant, to see things that didn’t fit. I did, and I was pretty good at it. Now, I no longer think of myself as a cop. I’m a poet. Poets are expected … Continue reading

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The Purple Treehouse,, has its monthly new-form post. This one is for a limerick. There once was a lass from Kilkenny who was born with one breast too many. In a world of such hunger, she was pleased with … Continue reading

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Janet, at Another Porch,, went walkabout with her camera. She placed a collage of photos from her walk on her post. Clicking on the collage will enlarge it somewhat, enough to see the birth of this poem. GRAVEYARD by … Continue reading

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Margo Roby,, in her Tuesday Tryouts asks us to write a genealogical poem. The creation of my family tree ends on a beach on either Scotland or Ireland sometime around 1768. Sandy is a genealogy buff and has spent … Continue reading

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