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Imaginary Garden with Real Toads,, is wanting us to try out a rondelet: a seven line French poem with several tricks up its sleeve. For one, they use the same refrain on the first, third and seventh lines. Next, … Continue reading

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Lanturne poetry form

For Margo Roby’s Tuesday Tryouts, this week, there is a new form: the lanturne—another short, syllable-count Japanese form. It has five lines with syllable-counts of one, two, three, four and one. It is written with center justification, and ideally … Continue reading

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While stopping by Norma Martiri’s blog,, I noticed in her home section a short poem called The Write Time. It triggered a free write, which turned into a free verse poem. Because of the subject matter, it fits into … Continue reading

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A new friend recently reminded me of the beauty of a bygone time’s romance language. When I saw wordle #19 in The Sunday Whirl,, the words looked like they had been selected for poetry from that period. How could … Continue reading

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For Poetic Bloomings prompt #17, they want a poem of Ca-ch-ch-Changes. I have a little confession to make. I’m in the middle writing four poems at the same time, and it isn’t working for me. I long ago learned … Continue reading

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Margo Roby proved to be a double pain this week. On August 13th, Margo’s suggestion was used for the prompt at We Write Poems, Prompt number 68, was to look at something thirteen different ways, and then write a … Continue reading

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The Sunday Whirl,, offered a baker’s dozen for wordle 18. They are: desperation, slouch, screw, light, granite, ash, wasted, cracked, revolution, cleansed, cheap, stranger, spin. As soon as I read them, a theme appeared. NEW FISH by Mike Patrick … Continue reading

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After a comment from a new Aussie friend, Norma Martiri, I paid a visit to her blog, Her latest poetry post was a delightfully dark rispetto. I wasn’t familiar with the form, but the description in her notes helped. … Continue reading

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Child’s Laugh, Waka/Tanka #1

This month’s poetry form from The Purple Treehouse, is the Japanese Waka (or Tanka). In it’s English form, it is written in five lines with syllable counts of 5-7-5-7-7. It is the perfect follow-up for last month’s Haiku. As … Continue reading

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Jinksy in her In Tandem blog,, gives a couple of her paintings as prompts. Simply looking at the one below, paired with the her blog name, stirred something up. SOMEWHERE BETWEEN by Mike Patrick Somewhere between the sea and … Continue reading

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