The Sunday Whirl, http://sundaywhirl.wordpress.com/, struck a weird note with its wordle 14 prompt. The wordle words are: rendered, reprehensible, gild, curtains, blink, clouds, scattered, whir, twist, scan, marvel, cast.

I can only assume that my muse was drinking wine with my friend Viv–while she was complaining about the continuous rain in France. I have no other explanation for where this flight of fancy came from. It has no standard meter and sports a rhyme scheme I’ve never seen before. It also has almost no editing (like the world can’t tell), because it struck me as a song or jingle. Any chance of Rain Man being made into a musical?

by Mike Patrick

Wordle 14

This has to be the marvel of its time,
A thing no one could hope to live without.
When constant rain has made you crazy,
Or the heat outside makes you lazy,
what you need is a RainCast, there’s no doubt.
So simple to use, it’s near a crime.

To be stuck in your house is reprehensible
when the weather you desire can be rendered.
Twist a dial and it starts a weather scan,
followed by the whir of a great big fan.
While small lights blink, the ease you seek is tendered.
To suffer now in silence–indefensible.

With RainCast, the clouds will all be scattered,
And you’ll throw your gild curtains open wide.
It’s the weather that you want, when you want it
If it’s something you control, then flaunt it.
No longer in your house will you hide.
Available at Walmart, if it mattered.

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14 Responses to RAINCAST

  1. Laurie Kolp says:

    Mike~ I’d love to have one of those… you could sell a lot of them with this delightful poem!

  2. LOL I love that last line available at walmart….. LOL Almost everything else is, isn’t it?

    Thanks for the chuckle Mike. Great use of the wordle words.

  3. Mike, PLEASE tell me it’s available at other stores. Friends don’t let friends shop at WalMart, LOL. But I want… need… MUST HAVE one of those things! Clever use of the Wordle.

    You were drinking wine with Viv? Are you neighbors or Net buds? That is my idea of bliss, sitting with Viv, and you, and just chatting about this and that. Peace, Amy

  4. Walmart? Thanks for the laugh, Mike. 🙂


  5. siggiofmaine says:

    I was “ok” with the poem,
    then the last line..a winner !
    Love it.
    ☮ Siggi in Downeast Maine

  6. Irene says:

    A weather dial from Walmart? A marvellous tongue-in-cheek piece, Mike.

  7. What a pipe dream, to control the weather. I can see me ordering up nights of rain on the fields and gardens, and days of 23 degrees Celsius under a blue sky with a few fluffy clouds here and there.

    I enjoyed working out your rhyme scheme: a b c c b a, which you achieved impeccably

  8. Susannah says:

    I love the idea of this as a jingle, I could just imagine it. 🙂

    Nice use of the wordle words!

  9. Marianne says:

    Good one, Mike! If only those handy little machines could be purchased at Wal-Mart. But I’m guessing we would still complain about the weather …

  10. Traci B says:

    Terrific poem, Mike! I enjoyed the rhyme scheme and may steal it for a future poem of my own. And that last line – priceless. 🙂

    P.S. – I know where Amy’s coming from with the Walmart thing, but where I live, Walmart is the best option for some folks and a major employer in the community (and no, I don’t work there or have stock in the company, just a couple of prescriptions in the pharmacy).

  11. Mr. Walker says:

    Mike, this is fun. I really like the idea of something that could “cast” the rain away. Clever. And I really like this rhyme scheme.


  12. pmwanken says:

    Ah, ever the rhymer! Surely don’t know how you manage it…even with the little helper thingies you’ve sent me!

    And…if ever one of these contraptions become available, I just might not mind living in South Texas! LOL.(And here’s hoping that it will be $19.95 with a “but wait, there’s more” offer to act now and get two for the price of one. It’d make a great gift!)


  13. TheMsLvh says:

    Clever in the rhyme. Love it! also, where can I put my order in for one of these?
    Nice Job Mike!

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