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For me, the words in The Sunday Whirl’s,, wordle 15 came alive. While reading them, I had a remarkably detailed visual image. Oh, how I wish I had the delicate writing talents of Harry Nicholson or Earlybird so I … Continue reading

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Theme Thursday’s prompt was, “Letter.” Try as I might, I couldn’t come up with a poem. My freewrite took off in a most peculiar direction. Dear Dad, Say, there’s something funny is going on here. Boot camp isn’t nearly … Continue reading

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Poets United’s Thursday Think Tank #59,, gave us a prompt of, “Grass.” No process notes today. This one is too personal. ONLY THE GRASS by Mike Patrick The grass is uniform, mowed to perfection, leaving a field marred only … Continue reading

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Margo Roby,, asked that we write a list of epiphanies from our life and then write an epiphany poem from them. While I’m pretty sure my life has consisted of a chain of epiphanies, I drew a complete blank. … Continue reading

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Dodge Writes,, offers a “finish this line” prompt for Monday. The line is, “A simple white picket fence.” I began my normal free write, but a poem didn’t appear. I ended up with a . . . well, I … Continue reading

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Poetry Potluck,, prompt for week 44 was “Painting Whispers,” and a Gustav Klimt painting of Death and Life. Usually, I enjoy using visual prompts, but Klimt isn’t one of my favorite artists, and the painting left me dry; however, … Continue reading

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Carry On Tuesday,, prompt #115 was “In my head I paint a picture.” Not very iambic, but definitely something fun to work with. I want to take a second to give everyone a warning. I have often praised VersePerfect, … Continue reading

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Prompt #277 for Sunday Scribbling,, was “Distant.” I had to write on it, it felt as natural as a conversation with my wife. The challenge was to find a photo to match my vision of distant as used in … Continue reading

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The Sunday Whirl,, struck a weird note with its wordle 14 prompt. The wordle words are: rendered, reprehensible, gild, curtains, blink, clouds, scattered, whir, twist, scan, marvel, cast. I can only assume that my muse was drinking wine with … Continue reading

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Poetry Tow Truck,, had a tough challenge for us this week. They wanted us to 1) compile a list of clichés 2) scramble them and 3) make a poem out of the scrambled clichés. The first part wasn’t too … Continue reading

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