I’m still in a bit of a free verse run, and when I saw Margo Roby’s free verse for the prompt for We Write Poems,, I thought I would give it a try. The prompt was to write about what we observed this week. Margo wrote about what she could see from where she writes. I always see the same thing from where I write.

by Mike Patrick

Flickr image by tfran (not Fiona, she is larger)

I struggle with too much love
when I sit down to write.
Amber eyes adore me
from a head that’s all ears and nose.
Every thought Fiona has is for me
and the ones I love.
Well, she thinks about her nemesis:
that squirrel in the back yard.
That will be settled in time.

How many people share their lives
with a creature who would die for them?
I do,
but a hundred thirty pounds
of silver Weim,
lying on one’s feet,
is too much love
while trying to write.

I nudge her so she will move.
With sadness, she relents, stands
and rests her head upon my thigh.

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20 Responses to FIONA

  1. Mike, this is lovely. I know what you mean about sharing your love. I share mine with four dogs, a cat and a bird. Oh, yeah and a husband thrown in the mix 🙂


  2. ladynimue says:

    I never can have pets for the fear of getting too ataached and part my inability to care yet for another being .. this was a good reminder to re think my decision .. tender and caring image !

  3. margo roby says:

    Oh, it’s so dog! And the poem conveys dog so vividly, everyone who has had a dog, particularly a big one, will smile on reading this. I hope your free verse run never completely disappears but weaves in and out of your rhyme and metre. To have that versatility is wonderful.


  4. Kim Nelson says:

    Touched my heart. Lost my little doxie, Bella, this week. Your poem made me smile with fond memory.

  5. pmwanken says:

    Awww….. 🙂 I guess I won’t complain too much, then when my 8 & 13 pound kitties try to sprawl across my lap, that is occupied by my laptop! ~Paula

  6. jeanneaguilar says:

    Oh! Fiona is a lover! I enjoyed this poem…

  7. vivinfrance says:

    I admire your free-verse mode: heartfelt sincerity shines from every word. And I envy you Fiona.

  8. neil reid says:

    I get my “doggies” vicariously. First hand, but briefly, someone else’s dog. Nice doggie here!

  9. irene says:

    Talking about hopelessly devoted to you. This tugs at heartstrings and made me miss my dog.

  10. Always loved pets, specially dogs. They melt your hearts with their soulful expressions. I loved the lines
    “but a hundred thirty pounds
    of silver Weim,
    lying on one’s feet,
    is too much love
    while trying to write.”. Made me smile:-)

  11. Laurie Kolp says:

    At first I thought you were writing a poem about Fiona Robyn (observation/small stone)… love the irony in it all. And I hear ya with dogs… I have two that love it when I write b/c they (think they) can snuggle up w/ me.

  12. Well said. Wonderful sentiments. And unconditional love…

    a statement

  13. nan says:

    The love of man’s best friend certainly would be a sweet distraction to writing — those amber eyes adoring! I have two very affectionate cats, and both like to take turns crawling into my lap whenever I sit down to write. I love to write with those little warm, purring bodies keeping company while my fingers fly.

  14. ebbtide says:

    Love this! That sort of devotion is just irresistible.

  15. brenda w says:

    Oh the gorgeous needy things. There is nothing to beat their unconditional adoration, except a break from it. LOL

  16. 1sojournal says:

    I startle easily. My dog, my shadow, MacArthur, a tri-colored collie, was asleep at my feet as I sat at the kitchen table to write. My ex (thinking to be funny) crept to the door then leapt inside, arms akimbo and yelling. Mac was up and launched with bared fangs and a growl, realized who the intruder was, and started back peddling in mid-air with a yelp, then fell to the floor. All three of us were stunned for several seconds. That was thirty years ago. Don’t miss the ex, but still miss my protector and friend. You brought back so many memories. Thank you,


    • Mike Patrick says:

      Fiona wants to love everyone, especially the grandchildren, but someone trying to harm Sandy or me would have a serious problem. As a cop, I often told women, being stalked by some abusive knucklehead who doesn’t understand the word ‘goodbye,’ to get a big dog. Of course, I’ve told a few of them to get a gun too.

  17. Mr. Walker says:

    Mike, that is such a great first line; it just pulled me in. I think the love goes both ways, this is told with such affection and such a sharp eye. Enjoyed it immensely.


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