For the Poet’s Pantry, on Poets United, I wanted to post something appropriate for Father’s Day, showing the love and respect I feel for my father, and that I was a father too. Today is going to be too busy to write something new, so I’m especially happy they allow 2nd chance poems. This is one of my favorites.

by Mike Patrick

My father wept as the flag passed by;
At rigid attention he stood.
He had no words to explain just why;
Only veterans understood.

I watched my bride walk down the aisle,
And my words did surely fail.
There were no words for what I felt
As I softly raised her veil.

As I looked down at my just born child,
So much I had to say,
But emotion choked my very air
And stole my words away.

I stand above the fresh filled grave,
A victim now of fate.
At last I say what needed said,
But the words came way too late.

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3 Responses to NO WORDS

  1. isitthattime says:

    A beautiful poem…thank you.

  2. siggiofmaine says:

    What a lovely tribute poem … and endearing.
    Thank you for sharing it…
    Hope you are having a wonderful father’s day.
    Siggi on the Sunny Coast of Downeast Maine

  3. TheMsLvh says:

    These words caught my attention, I have felt at times: He had no words to explain just why;
    Only veterans understood.
    I have seen my father do this. Nice write! Brava!

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