I’ve never posted on Theme Thursday  before, but I wasn’t happy with most of the other Thursday prompts. When I saw the Theme Thursday prompt in Viv’s blog, I had to try it. The prompt is ‘Spam.’

by Mike Patrick

Each morning, soon as I arise,
to my computer I do rush,
I open up my email box
and look at heaping piles of slush.

The only good news I can find
is in my daily dose of spam.
It matters not if it’s for sale,
or a twist upon the latest scam.

It links people with a need.
How else would ere a man like me,
become the very best of friends
with Nigerian royalty.

Viagra ordered with a click,
if I discover I’ve a need.
Perhaps I’ll find a woman there,
this lonely life to supersede.

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6 Responses to IN PRAISE OF SPAM

  1. Bodhirose says:

    I love this, Mike–so clever. Damn that spam!

  2. earlybird says:


  3. Ina says:

    Lovely 🙂
    I get spam too, love the viagra mail and the Natasha’s and Olga’s who want to marry me 🙂

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