I enjoyed doing last week’s wordle from The Sunday Whirl yesterday that I took a look at the one for this week, The wordle prompts were: yellow, lull, beneath, angels, gathered, window, flight, absolute, surrender, waned, risk, utter, rearranged. This one got totally out of hand and insisted on turning itself into a sonnet.

As sonnets go, it didn’t turn out very well, seems rather juvenile, but hey, don’t blame me. I don’t control the process.

by Mike Patrick

A yellow moon peeked out beneath the clouds;
a welcome lull between the summer rains.
In silence, angels gathered in small crowds
to watch the birth of love which hate disdains.

Outside a window, in mid-flight, they stayed
to watch the absolute surrender of
a man whose heart, on high, on longer waned,
embracing risk to search for utter love.

In hungry arms he shared his lifelong dream
of finding someone’s love to match his own.
and with the offer of a golden ring,
he merged their lives and laid love’s cornerstone.

Their lonesome nights at last were rearranged;
from emptiness to happiness they’d changed.

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  1. Tilly Bud says:

    Mike, that’s lovely. One of your best yet, I think.

    I had a go at the wordle but couldn’t quite get it to work. I’ve put it away and I’ll come back to it one day.

    All the more reason why I’m impressed by yours.

    • Mike Patrick says:

      Oh, thank you, Tilly. I thought it ran dry about halfway through. The remaining wordle words just wouldn’t fit with the mood of the beginning. I believe it would have been better if I’d trashed the sonnet idea and made it a longer poem, but I truly don’t control the process. It wanted to be a sonnet.

  2. vivinfrance says:

    It IS a sonnet. And a good one. It was Tilly who taught me that you don’t have to use ALL the words. Once I took that on board it wasn’t so hard.

  3. pmwanken says:

    I love wordles…and reading the diversity of responses they affect.

    LOVED this one, Mike!! 🙂

  4. Cathy says:

    Hm, I found nothing with the poem. it’s very good.

  5. brenda w says:

    Mike, This is a great response to the wordle! Thank you for participating. Sonnets are a favorite for me to read, not write. Well done.

  6. earlybird says:

    Wordles look impossible to me but you all seem to do them effortlessly! It works just fine as a sonnet. (Something else I have problems with!) I particularly like the idea of the angels poised mid-flight, peeking in at the window.

  7. pamelasayers says:

    Love the uniformity of your writing, Mike. Quite impressive. Sonnets, I bow down to you, sir.


  8. Mr. Walker says:

    Mike, I don’t think it’s juvenile – and if it is, one of the things about juveniles is their sincerity. I like the flow of thoughts in your sonnet, from birth, to surrender, to building love. Thanks for sharing.


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