My thanks to Mr. Walker and his poem on jazz http://sadlywaiting.wordpress.com/2011/04/27/two-from-school/#comment-197. While writing a comment, verses exploded. This was the first of a dozen poems on music, which began swirling around in my head.

by Mike Patrick

flickr image by openDemocracy

Hear the music?
How I love it.
I can’t imagine life without its touch.

It changes my mood
And says all the things I wish I could say,
But with a beauty and dignity I’ll never match.

While in its grasp,
I feel the full-scale of emotion:
Love, hate, peace. All things are mine.

It can cry my tears,
Dry my eyes,
And laugh with a joy I’ve never known.

While in its embrace,
I feel yours.
Memories ebb and flow with the tune.

Hear the music? How I love it.

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4 Responses to HEAR THE MUSIC

  1. Mr. Walker says:

    Mike, I really like this. I completely identify. I wish I could play an instrument or write music and I can’t – but I love listening to music. It’s well structured and well-stated. Thank you for this one. And thanks for the mention; I’m more than happy to have inspired you.

    • Mike Patrick says:

      Thank you, sir. Your jazz poem would inspire anyone.

      I used to be able to play a little guitar (and own a thirty-five year old Les Paul custom), but my broken elbow ended that. I love almost any type of music: blues, jazz, classical, rock, country and new wave, but I have to draw the line at heavy metal (although some of the guitar riffs are beyond belief), and being an old fuddy-duddy, I refuse to acknowledge rap and hip-hop as music.

  2. vivinfrance says:

    Oh how your poem echoes my own feelings about music, which has always been a significant part of my life – playing several instruments, choral and solo singing, amateur operatics, not to mention setting some of my fellow students’ poems to music. So my favourite Abba song is categorically “Thank you for the music”.

    And thank you for your poems and encouragement of mine, throughout this hard-working month of April.

  3. espriurenee says:

    This is a beautiful piece as I too, believe there could not be a life worth living
    without music and what music brings to all of us is for a life to be richer and
    fuller in its’ hearing. Thank You!

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