The prompts for Three Word Wednesday are “evident, illusion tragic.” I started out doodling with a rhyming scheme and never was able to get into this poem. I’ve decided I don’t like it, much too choppy, sounds like a limerick trying to sneeze. It won’t happen again.

by Mike Patrick

Flickr image by sweetym

Smoothly flowed his magic show,
each illusion masterfully done,
his skill more evident with each.

How is it done, we want to know,
It looks like so much fun.
How far can his skills reach?

Then it went wrong, although
the box was carefully spun,
the release he could not reach.

He received a tragic blow
as his act became undone.
Now all he does is teach.

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10 Responses to MAGICIAN

  1. 1sojournal says:

    Ahh, but some teachers are magicians extraodinaire, making learning both fun and fascinating. I’m betting he is one of them. With that many tricks up his sleeve, how could it be otherwise. Also good metaphor for many lives,


  2. Old Egg says:

    I loved this piece with the rhyming words so flawlessly placed that the whole poem was a joy to read.

  3. Becca Givens says:

    Charming … teachers have to be magicians these days, whether it is their first, second or third profession!!

  4. versebender says:

    Good job…those who can’t (anymore) teach. Cleverly done three word. Vb

  5. earlybird says:

    I think this was rather a good response to the prompt, actually.

    I love the idea of a ‘limerick trying to sneeze’! but I’m not sure this is it!

  6. vivinfrance says:

    It works very well as triolets, and I love the last line rhymes. How’s the new shed coming on? Are you having to build it from a flat pack? Ours (known as Chateau Jock) came on a huge flatbed truck and made a pile of individual pieces as high as I am and 5 times as long. It took Jock a week to put up, but it is a lovely shed.

    • Mike Patrick says:

      I have the old one out (after removing about a thousand screws) and have been trying to level the larger area needed for the new one. It was supposed to be delivered and set up Friday (no work on my part), but the same rain that is keeping me from leveling kept them from delivering. They’re trying again Tuesday. If the site isn’t level, they want an astronomical amount to level it.

      Chateau Jock? Well, even if that hadn’t been the name before, it would be after Jock put it up.

  7. trishA says:

    poor guy. a good magician is a real artist. i wonder how can they master such smooth tricks!

    beautifully crafted poem with a tint of sadness.

  8. Mr. Walker says:

    From masterfully done to tragically undone, it’s artfully crafted – and was a pleasure to read. I really like that last line.

  9. Sheilagh Lee says:

    Ah that’s sad but maybe he’s the greatest teacher there is?

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