The NaPoWinMo prompt for day 8 is to write a nursery rhyme. Couldn’t come up with any twist on this one, so I thought I’d try a couple for the kids who are a little afraid of the dark.

Child sleeping with 2 huge Dobermens

Securely asleep by Mike Patrick

Mr. Owl works all night,
peeking from his tree,
making sure all is right,
and watching out for me.


Fun goes on into the night
when dreams come out to play.
All your friends you can invite
until the break of day.

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11 Responses to NURSERY RHYMES

  1. vivinfrance says:

    A lovely thought. You will go far on the grandparent circuit!

  2. espriurenee says:

    I raised five of my own and so remember my own childhood issues with the dark.
    Nice Piece!

  3. Gloria says:

    Cool! I like both of these. 🙂

  4. Fun ones. Love the dogs and the boy!

  5. These were both authentic nursery rhymes: Soothing, gentle, and heartfelt. Loved them both. Thanks for posting at Writer’s Island!
    Mine is silly:
    Peace, Amy

  6. earlybird says:

    Nice. You got the rhythm just right. Love the photo too!

    • Mike Patrick says:

      The child is Jacob, one of my grandsons, the dogs are the twins when they were about 8 months old. The male is Piglet and the female is Tigger. Piglet got so large (he earned his name) that he would turn over furniture while playing. We finally gave him to a farm family where he had a couple hundred acres to run. They have three kids and Piglet loves kids more than anything in the world.

  7. trisha says:

    dog named pigglet, i like it. 🙂

    both poems are fantastic, esp the first one.

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