Dr. Seuss is Loose

For Free Write Friday, Kellie at Magic in the Back Yard http://magicinthebackyard.wordpress.com/, asked for some wacky Dr. Suess-type rhyming. Well, I’m all about rhyming, and so far this had been a wild and wooly day, so why not have some fun.

Harriett Hastle hurried to Honeyboo
to see if the tatercats had run off from the zoo.
Tatercats are ugly things with lots of squinty eyes,
and tails shaped like questions marks, unless they’re in disguise.

Harriett was worried they would come to her back yard
and eat her bangle buds before they’d gotten hard.
To tatercats, the buds taste like smoky candy tarts.
The very thought of losing one broke Harriett’s cold heart.

In haste she raced to the tatercat cage and warily peered through.
None were there, they’d gone extinct, somehow we thought you knew.

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3 Responses to Dr. Seuss is Loose

  1. vivinfrance says:

    One to read to the grandchildren.

  2. versebender says:

    Very Seuss-like….an excellent write. Vb

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