As mentioned in my last post, Kellie at http://magicinthebackyard.wordpress.com/2011/03/30/life-in-quotations-what-would-shakespeare-say/ asked what Shakespeare would say; then she threw down the gauntlet, daring her readers to write two or three lines of love poetry the way Shakespeare would. I jotted down a Shakespeare-type quatrain and placed it in her comment section, thinking that was the end of it. I had no intention of writing another sonnet anytime soon, but that quatrain kept gnawing at me. In the end, I could not help myself.

by Mike Patrick

A dark moonlit country scene

Flickr image by familyflack

Would love’s sweet gaze eclipse the very moon?
Why do my eyes seek you within the night
when other beauty lives within the room?
Tis only you can make my heart ignite,

e’er dawn hath fairly kissed the stars goodbye.
Now shall our lips enroll the break of day
to further our romance with one more try
to hold the clicking clocks quick hands at bay?

My love for you requires a hundred years
of darkness with your body twined to mine;
not stolen moments e’er the dawn’s first tears
on bended knees, before love’s empty shrine

Against your breast, please hold my spinning head,
until the night doth sate our love unfed.

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5 Responses to WITHIN THE DARK

  1. Not a style i’m used to, but a beautifully written poem nonetheless.

  2. That second stanza is superb! I’m thrilled that my challenge inspired such a beauty as this! 🙂 Now you should take part in the others I’ve done including Free Write Fridays! 😉
    Amazing work poet!

  3. vivinfrance says:

    You are getting into your stride with the iambics today, Mike. It seems very Shakespearean and lovely, without a hint of pastiche.

  4. ladynimue says:

    Superb !!!
    Am in awe of your words and mastery of poetry at times !

  5. Jingle says:



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