Cathy at http://www.thequietone.net/the_quiet_one/2011/03/muse-i-.html#comments, posted a poem about her muse, in which she used the line, “When silence dances too much.” As soon as I saw it, my muse awoke and began crying. I knew I had to use it in a poem, or she would never let me sleep. This is one of those poems I had to write.

Flickr image by white*rabbit/bridget rust

by Mike Patrick

There are times in the night
when the silence dances
in such gentle sadness.

The moon provides the hazy light
to watch memories spin
as softly they waltz by.

Could that be the shadow of our love,
forgotten all these years,
gradually fading with the dawn?

Add one more to the nights I’ve sat up,
reveling in my pain,
while watching the silence dance.

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  1. Good job, seems to be a very personal reflection on your past life.

  2. Cathy says:

    Oh that’s incredible poem!! beautifully written. So glad my poem inspire you to write that. Interesting that whole line trigger a poem. You’re also lucky I didn’t mind you borrow it.

    But have I done that too. I’ll be reading a poem and a word would trigger a line of words. A lot times, it’s a 180 from the originally poem.

  3. Michelle Dee says:

    The words you use are lovely and I agree “the silence dances” is a magical phrase.

  4. Nimue says:

    Loved this .. so resonating ..

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