The Cloaked Monk’s,, MarchChallenge prompt for the 21st is, “New Beginnings.”

I wish I had noted the time when I began writing New Beginnings. It was a total stream-of-consciousness write with perhaps a minute of editing afterwards. That means I either really know my subject or it is really bad.

by Mike Patrick

Flicker image by RozzieM

It’s time for new beginning.
So many things have changed
during all these years.
I’m older, you’re older,
passion and body shapes
have changed.
You look out the window
while I watch TV.
There are hours
where we don’t speak,
and there is no longer a craving
for the constant touch.
It’s taken years
to reach this place.
It was a good trip, but it’s time,
time for a new beginning,
time to renew our wedding vows.

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8 Responses to NEW BEGINNINGS

  1. Boy you sure scared me…it read like time to end it but then you switched it on me lol

    new beginnings indeed! Hope they enjoy the new honeymoon 🙂

  2. vivinfrance says:

    I love where your stream of consciousness takes you. It’s true that as we get older there’s less to say to each other, but the spark of a new project can provoke one of those new beginnings you write about.

  3. honeyhaiku says:

    This a wonderful stream of consciousness; it is exactly these moments that reveal hidden parts of ourself!

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  5. trisha says:

    the last line relieved me, yes this new beginning is most welcome.

  6. Jingle says:

    new beginning is cool,
    I posted mine as well..

    Happy Spring, come to potluck if you can.

  7. molly d says:

    Oh how life is a long journey. The constant change and maintenance of a relationship continues to amaze me! Great poem.

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