The Clocked Monk’s MarchChallenge 16th day prompt is “Family.”

Louis L’Amour, the great writer on the old West, wrote a collection of novels around the Sackett family. The theme of the Sackett books was that whenever one Sackett ran into trouble, they all came running to help, even if they were such distant relatives, they didn’t know each other. That describes my family. We were raised to be independent, and we don’t interfere with each other’s lives, but no Patrick is ever truly alone. That is a comfort I can’t begin to describe.

Flikcr image by D J Damien

By Mike Patrick

With bowed heads, grace while
holding hands ‘round a table:
the family’s strength.

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12 Responses to FAMILY

  1. Not all can say that they have such a unified family! Lucky to have it so. Good. Great haiku!

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  3. cloakedmonk says:

    Yes! The unified field theory of family dinner tables, perhaps.

  4. Becca Givens says:

    This is great, Mike! Thank you for sharing ~becca

  5. vivinfrance says:

    Bravo – a nice thought!

  6. earlybird says:

    lucky you! I found this prompt too hard so have bowed out on this one…

  7. Tilly Bud says:

    Lovely haiku; I really like it. I grew up on Louis L’Amour and JT Edson; my Dad was a massive fan of the Old West.

  8. ladynimue says:

    No strength like that of a bonded family ..
    bless you for writing of such grace 🙂

  9. trisha says:

    just loved the stories written by amour, have read a lot of them, sorry but have almost forgotten them now.

    that haiku is full of true family spirit. loved it. very much.


  10. honeyhaiku says:

    Mike, this is a great theme for family…I loved you take-beautiful haiku. A true family IS never having to be alone in difficulty!

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