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The Cloaked Monk’s March Challenge for day 10 is “Slavery.”

by Mike Patrick

Three types of slavery do we face,
as man progresses through this life.
The first is slavery of the heart.
It is best known ‘tween man and wife.

The shackles bonding arms and legs,
clearly reflect the second type.
Bonds, physically controlled by man,
against which we shall ever fight.

The third type is by far the worst,
tis slavery of the very soul.
The spirit of mankind is crushed,
which always has been Satan’s goal.

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  1. ladynimue says:

    Short and on the mark !
    The closing lines were perfect !

  2. Nice work! Like the multi-layer facet of the stanzas and you worked well with a subject we all know. We can be slaves of the self, as we destroy the true nature of humanity, a mind of expansion.

  3. vivinfrance says:

    I’m so happy to see you are still experimenting with form and metre, and you aren’t bound forevermore to the haiku. This poem’s a great success, and says what needs to be said. (Satan, get thee behind me!)

  4. Tilly Bud says:

    Did you mean satan?

  5. Very wise, Mike. I’ll try to get on board for these prompts. I’ve been away.

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  7. Rigght in the bullseye! An excellent and extremely interesting poem!

  8. Jamie-Lee McFadden says:

    Really good poem! Short,to the point, and touching. Could I put a link from my article to yours? I think it fits the article I just wrote.

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