The Cloaked Monk’s March Challenge, Day 9

Flicker image by Antropsicos

The Prompt for day 9 is “Explore.”

For thirteen sweet years
I’ve loved exploring your eyes:
Pools of mystery.

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11 Responses to The Cloaked Monk’s March Challenge, Day 9

  1. Very touching haiku, Mike! Wonderful thoughts.

  2. honeyhaiku says:

    Very sweet, one of live’s more ponderous explorations!

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  4. earlybird says:

    lovely. soft and sweet.

  5. Becca Givens says:

    Awesome tribute!! … KING OF HAIKU … Congratulations!!! 🙂

    • Mike Patrick says:

      Thank you Becca. Being king never entered into my thought process. My biggest dream never exceeded a newbie honorable mention. Simply learning there were readers (who are actual poets) willing to vote for me was humbling and a remarkably emotional experience.

      Instead, my first choice ran off with the Newbie crown. Congratulations to you, Becca, you earned it.

      • ladynimue says:

        Oh you both deserved the award !
        Much congratulations 🙂

      • Becca Givens says:

        😉 Awww, thank you, Mike … I am not sure – if I had known all the details prior to this spontaneous jump … I might have given it more thought 😉

        Further validation for me – I was suppose to participate and grow through it.

        So, I declare … We are all royalty!!! 🙂

  6. vivinfrance says:

    A lovely one, Mike. You are a lucky man.

  7. trisha says:

    this is pure magic mike. nothing can be more intriguing.

  8. ladynimue says:

    Eyes – the window to soul – always one with a curtain though 😉

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