The February Haiku Challenge for day 22

Image prompt for day 22

The Wonders Above

What wonders await
Invited sinners, climbing
The heavenly stair

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21 Responses to The February Haiku Challenge for day 22

  1. Ahh and sinners we all are.

  2. Melissa says:

    What a fantastic photo for a haiku

  3. The unknown is a state of mind, the Earth awaits us.

  4. vivinfrance says:

    I didn’t realise that sinners were invited! It sounds more inviting…

  5. lolamouse says:

    What indeed? Nice thoughts on this image! And thanks for all of your kind comments.

  6. I can’t wait and the thing is that even if it is all a farce I would believe in it all over again, like children do in Santa Claus, giving me hope and bringing happiness, nothing like “faith”.
    Great one!

  7. marousia says:

    Nice write – the relationship between photo and words is strong

  8. Tilly Bud says:

    A heavenly haiku. You are wonderful at writing them, Mike.

  9. Nanka says:

    The uninvited sinners might just gate crash Mike!!

  10. sarah says:

    excellent! touching and made me look into me soul..We all are sinners and someday we too have to climb those stairs that will lead us before God..

  11. Becca Givens says:

    It is a good thing sinners are invited, and we have that invitation within grasp – or heaven may be empty!
    Thank you for sharing! ~becca~

  12. ladynimue says:

    We are sinners surely , but are we invited ?? what for ?

  13. honeyhaiku says:

    I am glad that you imagine heaven’s doors open to everyone. Wonderful!

  14. Mike, Loved it.. Thanks for this wonderful Haiku..

    Someone is Special

  15. what wonders we shall see and touch and hear!!! can’t wait 🙂

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