Daily Haiku Challenge, day 20

Prompt image for daily haiku challenge, day 20

I hope this lightens things up after all that debris from yesterday.

Birds and bees know how
Without sex education.
Where did we go wrong?

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17 Responses to Daily Haiku Challenge, day 20

  1. lolamouse says:

    Ah, but the bees are disappearing! I kid. Didn’t mean to harsh your mellow! Funny entry. Always nice to lighten things up on occasion.

  2. honeyhaiku says:

    Ha! Love it, excellent take!

  3. Fun one and a good question. Look at how many generations of humans managed. And think of the savings in tax $$!

  4. lol ha ha ha ha yes it sure did lol

  5. Bodhirose says:

    They probably practice safe sex and don’t get STDs!

  6. Nanka says:

    Stimulating!! …and that was funnily exciting 😀

  7. vivinfrance says:

    I coulda sworn I’d commented on this one – I like your sideways swipe at the prompt. I thought the birds and the bees WERE sex education 🙂

  8. Chloe says:

    A fun take on this haiku challenge 😀 xx

  9. sarah says:

    LOL! good one…maybe coz they follow the nature and don’t mess up with things! 🙂

  10. Love it Mike..

    Someone is Special

  11. sonsy lass says:

    clever and witty, Mike – one of my favourite poetic combinations!

  12. Where indeed?

    Kudos to you for taking up this challenge.

  13. Becca Givens says:

    Great lift for the end of the day. 🙂 Thank you for sharing ~becca~

    Here is mine:

  14. Sumit Sarkar says:

    Lol…very nice… 🙂

  15. ladynimue says:

    Thoughtful .. why is it that we humans discovered a way to mess everything ?? Is that all we can do best with our brains !

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