I often speak of my muse, she who whispers verse into my ear; but who is my muse? Classical mythology cannot even pin down the number of muses. Were there three, or where there nine?

They are supposedly the offspring of Zeus and Mnemosyne (a Titan whose name means memory). One might notice the similarity between the name and mnemonics: memory devices used by many, including me.

I chose, for my personal muse, Thália. She is the muse of idyllic poetry and comedy. I need any help I can get in poetry,though mine borders more on idiotic that idyllic, and my comedy has always been weak—hey, maybe she doesn’t help after all.

by Mike Patrick

Flicker image by absentbabinski

Tis in the early morning hours she comes,
A disembodied voice of whispered cheer.
With knowledge of my soul’s hard depth she plumbs,
To guide my poem’s life, both far and near.

So like a lover’s touch is her sweet word.
A shower gently falling on my ear,
Reminding me of all the love I’ve heard.
As long as she remains, my thoughts stay clear.

But with the rising sun her voice dispels.
With only scraps of verse, to which I cling,
Now left behind, where joy no longer dwells.
Oh, Thália, this ode to you I sing.

Tonight, once more, I’ll lie in dark despair,
Until again, my winsome muse is there.

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21 Responses to SONNET TO THÁLIA

  1. honeyhaiku says:

    Wonderful sonnet Mike! I love Greek mythology, so cheers for bring such a lovely character to your poem.

  2. vivinfrance says:

    You surely have a gift for sonnets – must come from Thalia.

    • Mike Patrick says:

      She’s been staying pretty scarce around here lately. My grandsons’ fascination in mythology rekindled my interest. There is a whole world of prompts there, begging to be utilized. Of course, they were common subjects for poetry in years gone by, but here lately, not so much. Not sure a modern audience would remember them or care about them.

      • vivinfrance says:

        An OU exercise required us to invent a new muse. Mine was called Amicitia, the muse of friendship. Considering that this was right at the beginning of my poeming, the resultant poem must have had the benefit of your Thalia.

  3. The muses touch us in ways that are too profound to explain! For me, it is the whisper of Mother Earth that touches my inner being! Wonderful rhymes as always my friend!

  4. Pat Cegan says:

    hmmmm,I wonder if muses whispering in our ears would be called “channeling” today? lol

    Lovely, thanks! hugs, pat

  5. Jingle says:

    your muses love you,

    cool piece.
    have fun!

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  7. Kim Nelson says:

    Lovely, lyrical ode to Thalia, Mike.

  8. mairmusic says:

    Nicely done– a fellow sonneteer!

  9. rmpWritings says:

    i think THÁLIA would be honored and proud of your tribute. Lovely verse.

  10. fiveloaf says:

    a great sonnet and a worthwhile read mike! here’s my wk 38..

  11. torquethis says:

    I admit I have not read many sonnets, but this is lovely. I can feel the anticipation in your words. I love the line “A shower gently falling on my ear”.

  12. brian miller says:

    beautifully sung to your muse…i too await mine in the night…

  13. Silvertongue says:

    The sonnet has been my favorite poetic form and to see it being wielded which such grace is truly a sight to behold. Wonderful work.

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