After hammering love for the last few days, I am ready to go to war . . . in a previous life?

Years ago, a friend who taught a college course on fencing, introduced me to the foil, the epee, the rapier and to a lesser degree, the sabre. Oddly enough, their use came naturally to me. Within a few lessons, I was able to defeat some of his advanced students. From the time I was twelve, I owned bows and arrows. Their use also came easily. I also love the sea, a prerequisite to being a Cancer (Moon Child), but never had the chance to go to sea in a sailing vessel. That adventure has never been more that a flight of fancy.

by Mike Patrick

Flickr image by the National Library of New Zealand

Some may think me strange,
But a sword fits my hand.
The steel sings as it hilt grows warm,
And it takes on a life of its own.
An extension of myself,
Only more perfect and better designed
For the art of war.

The bow too comes easy to my grasp.
The slow, easy draw of an arrow
Feels as natural as breathing.
It flies true with no effort.
A slender messenger of death,
Yet comfortable in my hand.

Always I feel the pull of the sea.
It’s like a lover’s call.
Soft and warm,
Yet with a hint of danger.
The deck of a ship lies easy against my feet.
The creak of the rigging is music.

A sword, a bow, and a ship;
Indeed, a strange combination
For modern  man.
Oh to know of past lives I’ve led,
Of other seas I have sailed;
Of battles I have fought.

Maybe a knowledge of yester-lives
Would bring a faith in tomorrow.
Until I have that knowledge,
I’ll feel the steel sing,
I’ll hear the bow twang,
Listen to the sea’s roar,
And know
I’ve been here before.

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9 Responses to MODERN MAN

  1. That which feels comfortable within the hands, becomes the self and further. It is wonderful to hold something and release past energy held in its elements.

    • Mike Patrick says:

      Indeed it does, Paulo, but I don’t know if that makes the object an extension or ourselves or if we become an extension of the object. Does man control war, or does war control man?

  2. Bodhirose says:

    As soon as I read what you wrote as an introduction to your poem–I thought to myself–he had been here in a previous life and had mastered those things before. I love your poem that tells of a man caught between two worlds…

  3. vivinfrance says:

    There has to be something in this re-incarnation idea. Déjà vu is a frequent state in my life, too.
    Interesting poem.

    • Mike Patrick says:

      I hope it’s not because we are so old that we have done everything at least once and have a flashback when a situation reoccurs. I’m not sure I believe in reincarnation, but I’m all for it.

  4. Tilly Bud says:

    You were born into the wrong age!

    I know what you mean about fencing. When I was sixteen I took a class as part of my drama training and I loved it; I have never forgotten how happy I felt.

    Never touched a sabre though.

    • Mike Patrick says:

      My buddy started teaching me a couple of weeks before the start of his instructor duties. He got out his fencing equipment just to make sure everything was in good repair. I had known him a couple of years, he road with me as a police reserve, and had never mentioned he taught fencing. We started with the foil and worked up to the sabre. The sabre is a much more difficult (dangerous) weapon with its cutting edge. I only had a couple of sabre lessons before his regular classes started, learned just enough to be dangerous. My favorite was the epee.

  5. honeyhaiku says:

    This is magnificent.

  6. ladynimue says:

    Remind me of a character in some nvel i read long back but the words that described his feeling for his sword were very similar ..

    As for the lines here, we all at times feel we were meant or we do things out of prior knowledge .. 🙂

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