The theme for Jingle Poetry’s Potluck Monday, last week, was “Love, Bonds and Relationships.” For some reason, the link I had made me think it was for this Monday. Once I had something I hoped was suitable for submission, the deadline for entry had passed. With a theme of Love, I thought it might still be appropriated to post in The Poet’s Quill on Valentine’s Day.

Love is something learned in tiny lessons over a lifetime. It has taken a long time, but I believe I now know something of love. Because this is Valentine’s Day, I thought I would let my heart do the writing.

For Sandy.

by Mike Patrick

Flickr image by witch

Kneeling, I find myself before thee;
My arms resting upon your thigh.
My heart is captured, no longer free
To move in time, which passes by.

Reaching up, I touch your face.
My fingers trace your chin,
And drop at last to the place
Your heart resides within.

Below your breast I feel the beat
Of the heart that cradles me.
My fingers warm to love’s first heat
And explore what is to be.

Rising, I take your hand
And pull you to your feet.
Face to face at last we stand
And revel in the heat.

My face, so gently you pull down
To the kiss, which seals my doom.
With eyes closed I softly drown
As you lead me to our room.

What love is this, tiny and fine,
Which has the strength of ten?
Can this perfect thing be mine;
This dream of lonely men?

In your arms, time moves not.
Love becomes something new.
I ask for . . . I know not what,
But it will always depend on you.

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9 Responses to WHAT LOVE IS THIS?

  1. Beautiful! Lovely for this day, gives the right idea of true love!

  2. vivinfrance says:

    What a wonderful romantic you are: you’d capture any woman’s heart with poetry like this.

  3. WOW! So sweet! Sandy is very lucky.

  4. Becca Givens says:

    OMG and W O W!!! No other words can I express! ❤ to you and your love! Happy Valentine's Day!

    • Mike Patrick says:

      Thank you Becca. I always worry about going overboard. When I write from the heart, there isn’t much control involved. I’m never sure when I stray over the line from love poem to something so sappy it becomes maple syrup.

  5. Dishilicious says:

    so beautiful Mike, beautiful!!

  6. I love men in love:)
    You describe vulnerability so well 🙂 lovely!!!

    and this describes my love:


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