Daily Haiku Challenge, day 13

The prompt for today is the word “Grumble.” I drew a complete blank, so I had to make something up. My sweet Weimaraner, Fiona, would never destroy anything; at least she hasn’t since she was a puppy. The house has almost completely recovered by now.

Flickr image by jns9400

My dog ate the couch?
I have to clean up this mess?
Where is that damn broom?

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20 Responses to Daily Haiku Challenge, day 13

  1. I like it, works for the word grumble!

  2. lolamouse says:

    Funny, I was trying to think of something to say about “grumble” and my mind kept drifting to dog messes as well! But I just read yours, so now I’ll have to think of something else!

  3. cloakedmonk says:

    Ha ha ha! I love it! As a dog owner, I’ve had this conversation. And as a teenage owner (?), I’ve had this conversation with them!

  4. trisha says:

    this is the cutest haiku till now. 🙂

    I just loved it. that dog is a real doll.


    • Mike Patrick says:

      The photo looks like Fiona at about three months, when she was gaining about three pounds a week. She didn’t slow down until she was over a hundred pounds. She is a sweetie that wants to not only be with me all the time, she wants to be in physical contact.

  5. vivinfrance says:

    Quirky and fun – what more could I ask of a haiku?

  6. Becca Givens says:

    What a delight … I too can relate, as I have 3 … my lab is the worse … I do not think she will ever outgrow it … where she leaves off the cats take over!

    So this definitely brought a smile to my face … mine is scheduled to post automatically in a few hours … Thanks, Mike!

  7. Nanka says:

    Wonder if dogs have anything to grumble about humans?
    Enjoyed your take on the prompt!!

  8. vivinfrance says:

    PS I STILL can’t get into the day’s challenge page, and it’s almost 3pm here. Can you?

  9. sarah says:

    definitely a justified grumble i’d say…i don’t like pets for the very reason… 🙂 sweet haiku!

    • Mike Patrick says:

      There is a phase when they are difficult, after that you will never know a moment of being lonely or unloved as long as they live. Then you have to face the trauma of them being relatively short lived and question the wisdom of pet ownership . . . until you see that next puppy.

  10. Jingle says:

    this is so fun,
    well done.
    lovely dog humor.

  11. You have me smiling. I had a large dog once that ate my couch. I miss that dog!

  12. honeyhaiku says:

    Hilarious! Well done. Love the pic.

  13. haha, nice grumble and I am happy to find a Dog (Foina) Lover.. I love dogs and cats..

    Someone is Special

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