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Cloaked Monk’s MarchChallenge, March 1

The prompt for March 1st is “Camping.”   The whisper of leaves, The splash of rushing water: Camping’s impressions.

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I felt like something was missing this morning without the haiku challenge, so I went searching for another prompt. Sure enough, there was Jingle Poetry with Poetry Potluck and a prompt of Cartoons, Sci-Fi and Super Powers. Because some of … Continue reading

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The February Daily Haiku Challenge, Day 28, The Final Day

I am pleased that this image is the one chosen to close out the Haiku Challenge, because it lends itself to describing my journey into a previously unknown poetry format: Haiku. Here’s to you—my friends. Walking unknown tracks. A journey … Continue reading

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I was stumbling along looking for a poetic theme this morning when my mother came to mind. She often comes to mind. So many happy memories, but then, there are others. ALZHEIMER’S by Mike Patrick So vacantly her day passes. … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku Challenge, day 27

Day 27’s prompt is the word, “Eternal.” Every season’s change Is in response to a plan Above my pay grade.

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Daily Haiku Challenge, day 26

  Frolic with the wind. Chase the morning’s final star. Mind’s eye knows no bounds.

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Lately, new ideas are becoming more difficult to come by. I find prompts (like those in the daily haiku challenge) to be a real asset. Last Monday, Victoria at, in her Monday Morning Writing Prompt, listed the 100 … Continue reading


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Daily Haiku Challenge, for day 25

The prompt for the daily Haiku Challenge for day 25 is the word “Haze.” Hazy memories Clear as she walks into sight Past love is reborn

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Daily Haiku Challenge, day 24

With sharpened pencil And a diary’s empty page Memories are saved

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Daily Haiku Challenge, day 23

The Haiku Challenge prompt for day 23 is “Scintillate.”   Scintillating stars Sparkle in the midnight sky Giving proof of God

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