I thought I should try another sonnet. The last attempt was so miserable that I could not let it stand alone. Again, this is a Shakespearian sonnet (or English sonnet) with its distinctive ABAB CDCD EFEF GG rhyming scheme. To get the real flavor of a Shakespearian sonnet, check out this one by the Bard:

For a dip into the Petrarchan sonnet (or Italian sonnet), with its ABBA CDDC EFG EFG rhyming scheme, try something from Elizabeth Barrett Browning: One look at it and you will understand why I prefer the Shakespearian sonnet.

Compare those to my doggerel and you begin to understand my limitations. I now open the comment section to ridicule and scorn.

by Mike Patrick

Flickr photo by EucasiaSemple

Must ever I search barren shores for love?
Crowded, empty rooms hold naught else for me.
Where multitudes survive by push and shove,
No honest love can ever come to be.
Empty words, oft composed of tattered lace,
Fall freely from those wanton, lying lips.
Pouting kisses oft win the willing face
And questions not the yearning of thy hips.
Oh love, why dost thou play thy perfect jest?
Should not my sorrow influence love’s sweet dart?
Pierce deep into my aching, empty breast
Thy missile; long awaited by my heart.
Be it ordained that love must pass me by,
Then change thy aim, ’tis better I should die.

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  1. pmwanken says:

    This is exactly how I’m feeling today.


    well written, my friend!

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