As a cop, one of the most common calls received are disturbances: family disturbances, family fights, domestic assaults, etc., they are just different names for the same thing. Every officer handles hundreds in a year. Nationwide, there are millions of them.

There has been talk lately of legalizing marijuana. “It’s no worse than booze,” is the argument; no worse than booze, when booze is only the worse problem of modern society. No worse than booze is not a very high recommendation.

Often, when I was among a group of police officers, I would ask a simple question. “When was the last disturbance you handled where booze or drugs were not involved? Not a single officer could remember ever having such a call—and that is with marijuana being illegal.

I am not condemning alcohol, I have been known to take a drink on occasion, but I doubt that we need to double a societal problem by legalizing weed.

Instead, I submit an ode to alcohol. An ode is usually a long, serious tribute in verse form. Well, I offer a short, perhaps not so serious, verse to mankind’s most used anesthetic, mood changer, marriage wrecker, and fight starter. Police departments everywhere owe a great debt to alcohol, without out its effects, the manpower of most departments could be cut by fifty percent.


by Mike Patrick

Flickr photo by bcostin

Oh amber goddess, I worship your work.
You take my pain away.
You’re always here when I need your touch.
Kiss me again today.

After your sleepy, warm caress,
The nights pass quickly by.
But even your soft goddess touch
Is gone when the bottle’s dry.

Oh amber goddess, stand by me.
Don’t ever let me down.
I can only bear this life
Until, in you I drown.

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One Response to AMBER GODDESS

  1. Michelle Dee says:

    NOW I know who you are! I remember reading this a couple weeks ago and loving it!

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