Most of my life was spent as a cop, a professional observer of people. Much of my inspiration comes from the people I met through work, and whom I hopefully helped. All have a story, the retelling of which would often be violating a confidence. Instead, they become short poems depicting a small segment of their lives. Butterfly was a lovely woman with a problem larger than she was. She never saw this poem, but it remains a tribute to her spirit.

by Mike Patrick

Flickr photo by DiGitAL GoLD

She was younger then,
A butterfly with wings unspread.
Ready to try the breeze
Of the romantic words he said.

To step off into the air
Is the surest way yet found,
To come face to face
With the hardness of the ground.

And so it came to be with her,
The facts of life too quickly learned.
Left with just a dying dream
Of the love for which she yearned.

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3 Responses to BUTTERFLY

  1. Becca Givens says:

    Beautifully written; visceral response and tug at my heart; sadness for the “butterfly”! Thank you for sharing your professional experiences in a lovely way! becca

  2. Oh my gosh, Mike! This is just an amazing poem, full of feeling. Thanks for directing me to it. I like the metaphor you chose.

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