As mentioned before, there is no trick to growing old. Unless one has the good fortune to live in Never Never Land with Pan and the lost boys, it still is better than the alternative. Age has few claims to fame. The only good attributes I can imagine are retirement, with the corresponding free time to do what one wishes; the attainment of a semblance of wisdom, and grandchildren. By far, grandchildren are the most important.

Every moment with a grandchild is important. Sometimes a moment can be captured in iambic tetrameter and shared.

By Mike Patrick

Flickr photo by Andreas Resch

A fallen leaf clung to her hair.
A spot of gold entangled there.
With gentle fingers I pulled it free.
My reward? She smiled at me.

With shuffled steps we plowed a path
Through fallen leaves of autumn’s wrath.
Hand in hand in leaves awhirl,
A smiling man, a happy girl.

Old and young, forever bound
Through one sweet day that nature found.
Playing beneath a crimson tree:
Granddaughter . . . golden leaf . . . and me.


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2 Responses to AN AUTUMN WALK

  1. connetta says:

    Ohhh, this is so nice. I love poems like brought to mind a lyric Springsteen wrote called ” Reason to believe” ..

  2. Michelle Dee says:

    What a visually stunning and sweet poem 🙂

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