As a child, my heroes were solders. I guess that is why so many of my poems revolve around warriors. My war was Vietnam, but I never saw combat—the luck of the draw. God knows I have seen enough death and destruction since then. It is my belief that life’s experiences influence one’s writing. To write about a broken heart, one must experience one. To write of Earth’s evils, one must have been exposed to them. I admire, and pity, those who can write about things they have not experienced. Tis a rare gift.

By Mike PatrickFlickr photo by Defence Images

Proudly they died, the young men,
For a glory they knew not.
In a million wars o’er a million years,
For reasons soon forgot.

And always it was the young men,
The future of the race,
Who had the courage not to run
From the death they had to face.

To stand and fight is a warrior’s creed,
With one’s back against the wall,
And a tragic thing it is indeed,
To watch a warrior fall.

Proudly they died, the young men,
Remembered now only in verse.
The only time known to man
When youth is judged a curse.

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  1. pmwanken says:

    Mike~ Thank you for your service. Not only in the uniform of the military, but your many years of service as a “copper”. And…thank you for this tribute to those who served and died. Well written. ~Paula

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