Haiku for You

How about a little Haiku? This is not a form I have ever tried before, but this is an experimental zone. Haiku is perhaps a little too brief for me, and as I have said before, I enjoy the challenge of rhyme, but what the heck.

The night sky at rest.
Diamond stars stare down on me
As I dream of you.

That is probably not a great example. I am too much of a romantic, and Haiku is supposed to be about the seasons, at least that is what most of the Haiku sites indicate. How about this?

Winter snow and ice
Hide the earth’s ageless beauty
And spring’s lonely dream.

Not sure that is any better. Is there anyone out there who is proficient in Haiku? I obviously need some help.

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4 Responses to Haiku for You

  1. Not at all bad on your first attempts! I like writing Haiku because of the challenge it poses to create a little piece of captivating imagery.

    Best wishes on your next. 😉

    • Mike Patrick says:

      @ littlemisshomosapien, I’m gaining a little more knowledge on Haiku, thanks in a large part to visiting your blog.

      Most of poetry is in finding the right words to convey a mental picture. Haiku just leaves very little room to expound on a theme. It is very constraining, making it a formidable challenge indeed. I will make time to continue writing in this style.

      Thanks for the help.


  2. pmwanken says:

    I’ve tried a few haiku, too…I look forward to reading through all of your entries to see if this form reappears! I tend to be a person of few words…so I was on a haiku kick after I wrote my first!

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