This little three stanza poem is probably my all-time favorite. Some poems take a lot of work, and some are easy. This one I did not have to write, it just happened.

by Mike Patrick

To walk among the evergreens
With the winds whispered sigh.
To walk among the nesting birds
And watch them startled fly.

I find peace among the evergreens
On a cloudy springtime night,
As I halt and listen for the silent wings
Of an owl in midnight flight.

Oh, there’s peace among the evergreens,
But tis peace that I can’t share.
The evergreens won’t talk to me
When someone else is there.

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5 Responses to EVERGREENS

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  2. otterblossom says:

    This is beautiful. I love walking in the pine woods and this takes you right there.

  3. Just beautiful. I can relate. I love the last two lines “The evergreens won’t talk to me
    When someone else is there.” Well written 🙂

  4. jennifaye says:

    feel like taking a walk now. problem is, it’s 2:00am and there are no evergreens where I live. 🙂 this poem is a breath of fresh air. love it.

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