Humble Beginnings POETS

This is the first post on a new blog dedicated to poetry. Here goes nothing.


By Mike Patrick

There’s a special place for poets
Where they often live alone;
Holding on to passions
Few have ever known.

The source of their inspiration
Is a past they can’t forget.
In a future not so rosy
Is pain they’ve not faced yet.

The ink that drips from their tear-stained quill
Is pulled from dark despair.
Remembered names of long-lost loves
Often take them there.

There’s a special place for poets
When last they leave this land.
Their life in Hell allows them
To stand at God’s right hand.

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3 Responses to Humble Beginnings POETS

  1. pmwanken says:

    Mike ~
    I have enjoyed reading your recent work via the Poem-a-Day Challenge! Now…I look forward to going back to the beginning and catching up to the end. I’ve already told you that I’ve really enjoyed all of the work I’ve read so far…and this first entry is no exception. I’m glad to have found your blog…and you, mine. ~Paula

    • Mike Patrick says:

      We all start a little shaky. I’m glad you started here. It will give me a chance to reread some old stuff. Actually, I believe some of this is better than what I’m doing now, writing to prompts. I took my time on all these early ones.

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